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UTM Tensile Grips
UTM Tensile Grips
UTM Tensile Grips
UTM Tensile Grips
UTM Tensile Grips
UTM Tensile Grips

Tensile grips are used for uni-axial material testing where a sample is pulled apart from two ends. There are many variations of tensile grips for universal testing machines based on the force capacity of the procedure 

Wedge Grips/Wrap  Grips/Pneumatic Grips

Rope  Grips/Scissor Grips/Hydraulic  Grips

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Wedge Grips

Mechanical wedge grips are ideal for high capacity tests where vice grips begin to fail. The "wedge" is a fixed piece of metal with a pair of moving grip faces. As the tensile load increases, the two grip faces slide down, creating an ever increasing gripping force which traps the sample. Wedge grips are the ideal choice for any sort of high strength metals or plastics testing.


Wrap  Grips

Ribbons, Webbing and other types of flat strapping material are tested with a wrap grip. The width of the sample is critical, as well as the diameter of the wrapping column. This is the ideal grip for testing automotive seat belts, and tie down straps used for shipping.


Rope  Grips

Rope grips are ideal for testing cords and other types of cylindrical or thin materials. braided cordage can also be manufactured using steel wire and synthetic fibers. The cord is wrapped around the drum a few times and then secure with the vise grip mechanism which is located at the top of the grip near the adapter connection. 


Pneumatic Grips

Pneumatic Grips are actuated with air pressure. The constant pressure allows the grips to maintain an even force profile and they also help to speed up the time between tests. Almost all grip types have some sort of pneumatic version. They use Foot Pedals or Hand Switches and a standard air compressor. Installing Pneumatic grips is easy.


Scissor Grips

Scissor grips are a specialized type of self-tightening fixture for tensile testing. There is a spring which exerts a constant lateral force onto the sample which tightens through the test. Scissor grips are great for testing thick pieces of wood or solid foam. 

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