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Machining Center
  • Turning diameter over bed(max):140mm
    Travel across slide:75mm
    Chuck diameter :80mm
    Spindle speed :100-2000r/min
    Spindle through-hole: 11mm
    Spindle motor power 150W
    SAEC-L140 Min CNC Lathe
  • Turning diameter over bed(max) :210mm
    Chuck diameter :100mm
    Spindle speed :100-1750r/min(control speed of G code) 
    Spindle through-hole :20mm
    Spindle mount :MT3
    Spindle motor power :500W
    SAEC-L210 Min CNC Lathe
  • X axis travel :210mm
    Y axis travel :95mm
    Z axis travel :200mm
    Spindle motor:2.2kw
    Spindle speed:100-24000r/min
    The max moving speed:1200mm/min
    The max feeding speed:500mm/min 
    SAEC-M200 Min CNC Milling Machine
  • X axis travel :300mm
    Y axis travel :175mm
    Z axis travel :270mm
    Table size :450*160mm
    The max moving speed:2500mm/min
    The max feeding speed:1500mm/min
    SAEC-M300 Min CNC Milling Machine
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