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Semi-automatic Impact tester
Semi-automatic Impact tester
Semi-automatic Impact tester
Semi-automatic Impact tester

Model: JB-750B/500B/300B/150B

Capacity: 750J,500J,300 J, 150 J

Impact velocity: 5.2m/s

Pendulum preparing angle: 150º

Span of specimen seat: 40mm

End face radius of specimen seat: 1~1.5mm

Radius of impact knife: 2~2.5mm

Specifications of specimen: 10×10×55mm

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Pendulum Impact Testers are designed for measurement of fracture energy samples. They are tested in a double-seat impact test and used in the laboratory for the study of mechanical properties of metals and alloys in a variety of industries.



JB-300B/ JB-W300

JB-500B/ JB-W500

Impact Energy

300/150 J


Impact velocity

5.2 м/с

5.4 м/с

Pendulum preparing angle



Span of specimen seat

40 мм

40 мм

End face radius of specimen seat

R1-1.5 мм

R1-1.5 мм

Radius of impact knife

R2-2.5 мм

R2-2.5 мм


380В, 50HZ, 180 W

380В, 50 HZ, 200W


2124 мм х 600 мм х 1340 мм

2124 мм х 600 мм х 1340 мм


450 kg

750 kg

Specifications of specimen

10х10х55 мм (U,V)


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