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Soil & Asphalt Test
  • Vertical travel 2000-7000mm

    Horizontal travel 2000-7000mm

    Boom elevating speed:1000mm/min

    Boom stretching speed:120-1200 mm/min

    Column rotation angle: +/- 180 or fixed

    Travelling trolley inner rail distance: 1730mm

    Boom load capacity:500kg

    Heavy Duty
  • Supply voltage AC 110 50/60 V / Hz

    Welding speed 0.2-1.2 m / min

    Wire speed 0.25-2 m / min

    Wire diameter 2.0-6.0 mm

    Insulation class F

    Degree of protection IP21

    Dimensions 1010х580х930 mm

    Weight, 51kg

    SAW Tractor
  • Vertical load:  50,100, 200, 300, 400kPa

    Horizontal Max shear force: 1.2kN

    Level ratio: 1:12

    Sample area: 30cm2

    Size : 850x550x1100mm



     ZJLQB  Light weight and portable Shear Testing Apparatus
  • Cross plate dimension:Φ75mm 150mm,Φ50mm 100mm

    Torque moment of steel ring: 80N m

    Torque moment accuracy: 0.55N m

    Guide rod:Φ30mm 1040mm

    Dimension: 430 x 910 x 220mm(L x W x H)

    Weight: 40Kg


    CP-1 Cross Plate Shear Testing Apparatus
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